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Expect Limerick Sirens’ Warning In Afternoon

Twin cooling towers of the Limerick Generating Station, seen from the corner of Evansbrooke Lane and Limerick Center Road

LIMERICK PA – A semi-annual, full-volume test of emergency warning sirens surrounding Exelon Corp.’s Limerick Generating Station within a 10-mile radius will be conducted today (Monday, June 6, 2016) beginning at about 2 p.m., according to the company and the Limerick Police Department. Both issued advance notices of the event.

Shorter, lower-pitched tests are performed monthly, police noted. Today’s test – louder and longer in duration – occurs only in June and December every year. For those unaccustomed to hearing them, the sirens are not a signal to evacuate, police added, but represent a warning to tune in to local emergency alert radio and television broadcast stations.

The generating plant – located at the intersection of Linfield, Sanatoga and Evergreen roads on the township’s southwest side – has never used the sirens for an emergency warning, the department said, but Pennsylvania officials occasionally have activated the sirens to notify residents of severe weather.

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