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Garbage Truck Accident Ties Up 422 For Hours

SLOWDOWN AFTER A SPILL – Traffic on both sides of U.S. Route 422, just east of its Pawlings Road overpass, slowed to a crawl for miles over several hours Monday (Oct. 17, 2016). A westbound open-topped garbage truck overturned on the driver’s side at the road’s south shoulder and spilled a portion of its contents across the roadway’s grassy median. The accident happened shortly after 6:30 a.m., before the start of the morning commuter rush. Westbound tie-ups and stoppages occurred throughout the day, as first responders pursued their inquiries and a clean-up. On the eastbound side, most of the slowdown was due to gawking passers-by. The accident was investigated by Pennsylvania State Police; there was no report immediately available about its cause, or if anyone was injured. Other garbage trucks and dumpsters were called to the scene, where construction equipment filled them with the scattered debris for disposal. Heavy-duty tow trucks were summoned too, to set the vehicle upright and remove it. The scene was said to be cleared at about 2 p.m.

Garbage Truck Accident Ties 422 For Hours

Towing equipment stands by, waiting to upright and remove the overturned garbage truck

Garbage Truck Accident Ties 422 For Hours

Pennsylvania State Police investigate the accident

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