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Left Your Car Unlocked? Trouble Found You

LIMERICK PA – Thieves were busy again in Limerick between late Tuesday night (Nov. 15, 2016) and Wednesday morning (Nov. 16), the township police department reported.

The department during Wednesday received “several reports of thefts from vehicles occurring overnight,” it said in a post on its Facebook page. “The actor(s) are targeting unlocked vehicles,” it added. The department did not indicate the number of incidents and if were widespread or specific in location, if it identified or is pursuing any suspects, or what items were taken.

It did, however, again offer an often-repeated reminder: “We ask that everyone please remember to lock their vehicles and report any suspicious activity,” it noted.

Royersford’s Police Department took particular note of the activity in Limerick and said it would be “stepping up patrols throughout the borough at night to hopefully deter this activity from making its way into town.”

It, too, issued a reminder to borough residents to lock their vehicles. “Most (door-locking) remotes will work from inside the house, so just make it a habit to hit that lock button again before going to bed,” it added.

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