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Knock, Knock? Use Caution With Who You Let In

LIMERICK PA – Don’t be fooled by foolers, the Limerick Police Department warned Saturday (Dec. 17, 2016)

Its officers “are currently investigating an attempted distraction burglary within the township,” it reported on Facebook during late afternoon hours. Some allegedly bad actors who wanted to gain access to local homes, and possibly take whatever valuables they could find there, were making the rounds in township neighborhoods posing as water company employees, the department said.

They hoped to distract residents with a ruse about water problems, so they could enter their homes and potentially make the coming Christmas holiday less than memorable. Home owners shouldn’t fall for the falsehood, according to the department.

If anyone comes “to your door and claim(s) to be a phone, water, power, or similar contractor, it is perfectly acceptable to ask them to leave and contact you to schedule an appointment,” it noted. Don’t let them in unless you specifically called them, or until you’ve checked with the police about any emergency need.

“We strongly recommend discussing this growing trend with elderly relatives, as they are at the greatest risk of being targeted,” the department added.

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