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422 Mysteries: Wrecked Beemer, No One Nearby

Law enforcement officials look into the bushes Wednesday along the 422 roadside (at top, left); later, a crane was needed (right) to extricate the wreckage of an automobile discovered there

422 Mysteries: Wrecked Beemer, No One NearbyLIMERICK PA – Law enforcement officials investigating wreckage Wednesday (July 12, 2017) of what appeared to be a somewhat hidden and earlier unreported auto accident on U.S. Route 422 West, near the Philadelphia Premium Outlets, can be expected to rely on vehicle identification numbers and other relevant data associated with the car to try and determine who owns it.

And potentially more important, what’s happened to them and those who might have occupied it? Police said no one was found in or near the vehicle.

Observers claimed there were skid marks in the nearby area that stretched for several hundred feet. There was no immediate indication when and how the assumed accident may have occurred, why it would have gone undetected, or if anyone was injured.

422 Mysteries: Wrecked Beemer, No One NearbyThe crashed vehicle, tentatively recognized by onlookers and those at the scene as a late-model, black BMW sedan, was discovered by sharp-eyed Pottstown area resident Mario DiNardo. He reported finding the tangled hulk, twisted around a tree a short distance beyond the shoulder (left), to both Limerick Township Police and the popular Facebook page, 422 Sucks.

The page’s more than 37,000 followers daily track events on the four-lane highway, roughly between King Of Prussia and Exeter. DiNardo’s post and accompanying photo promptly launched more than 12 hours of occasionally wry, occasionally sobering reader speculation and commentary about what might have occurred.

DiNardo’s call, and those of others over a far shorter period, attracted township police, Pennsylvania State Police, a troopers’ forensic unit, a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit, a crane, a tow truck.

The 422 Sucks coverage also brought out scores of slower-moving passers-by on 422. Some drove single-handedly as they pointed cell phone cameras out front and side windows to record a glimpse of the action.

Photos by Mario DiNardo, Erin Yvonne Ambrose, and Aaron Eckert via 422 Sucks

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