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Road Trip! Donuts Powered Up MINIs Saturday

ROYERSFORD PA – The first set of sugar-hungry drivers arrived Saturday morning (July 29, 2017), shortly after 9, and began pulling their cars into a line (at top) outside the Suzy Jo Donuts shop in Park Towne Plaza on North Lewis Road. More streamed in, rumbling across the shopping center parking lot, stopping to buy coffee and doughnuts, then heading back to their vehicles to chat and await the day’s MINI adventure.

That doesn’t mean the coming excursion was small in size, or short in duration. It’s the cars that were MINI.

More than two dozen members of, a 14-year-old Philadelphia club consisting primarily of owners of MINI Cooper automobiles – probably most well known for their roles in both movies titled “The Italian Job” – rolled into the plaza for the start of a road rally. It took them on about 115 miles of highways and through several stops from Royersford south to the Wilmington DE suburb of Talleyville in a matter of 5-1/2 hours.

Road Trip! Donuts Powered Up MINIs Saturday

One driver proudly displays her keys and her PhillyMINI membership badge

The most direct route actually covers only 30 miles. The objective of the trip, though, is to enjoy the cars’ ride, handling, and feel, and to share that joy with others. For that, several drivers said, 30 miles just isn’t enough.

This trip, and 19 others like it scheduled throughout the year, focused on a theme and suitably appropriate destinations. Saturday’s theme, “Salty-N-Sweet,” featured stops that sold salty snacks like pretzels, beef jerky, and popcorn, and sweet stuff like ice cream and candy. It made Suzy Jo’s, and its regionally famous sugary or icing-laden doughy treats, a natural starting point.

“It also means we’ll probably end the day with diabetes!,” one driver joked.

Road Trip! Donuts Powered Up MINIs Saturday

Drivers chat in the Park Towne Plaza parking lot before getting under way

Rally participants received a complete set of directions, mile markers, and turn indicators. They traveled in organized groups, with the first wave leaving Royersford at 11 a.m. after a brief driver’s meeting. They were urged to ensure they had a full tank of gas; FRS (family radio service) radios, an upgraded form of walkie-talkie; cash for incidental purchases, and a “PhillyMini Spirit of Adventure,” its website said.

They were responsible for their own dentist bills, too.

Road Trip! Donuts Powered Up MINIs Saturday

MINI Coopers earned movie fame twice in films of the same name: “The Italian Job,” starring Michael Caine in 1969, and again in 2003 with Mark Wahlberg

Photos by The Post Publications

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