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Spring City Police Caution On Drug Branding

NOT FOR KIDS … OR ANYONE ELSE – To illustrate the extent to which illegal drug sales and use have spread in southeastern Pennsylvania and elsewhere, the Spring City Police Department on Friday (Oct. 27, 2017) posted a photo (at top) on its Facebook page, showing how what it called “unscrupulous drug dealers” were branding baggies of methamphetamine for sale. “They take a sticker that a school teacher would use as recognition for children, and affix it to this kind of poison,” the department stated. Meth, as it’s more commonly known, is a variant of a nervous system stimulant originally developed to treat patients with attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorders. It has grown significantly in use as a recreational drug. In addition to dangers it poses to users, production of meth – which is often linked to explosions and fires – risks the safety of police and other first responders.

Photo from the Spring City Police Department via Facebook

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