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Pennsylvania senator’s medical marijuana moonlighting role
Sept. 17, 2017; The Morning Call, Allentown PA

Pennsylvania’s 17-month-old Medical Marijuana Act prohibits elected and appointed public officials from having a financial stake in the burgeoning industry or working directly or indirectly for a cannabis company while serving in state government. That did not prevent state Sen. Daylin Leach — one of the Legislature’s biggest medical marijuana backers — from moonlighting as a medical marijuana attorney.

Pennsylvanians getting mixed messages about medical marijuana program
Sept. 15, 2017; WHTM-TV, Harrisburg PA

Although the state Health Department has not yet released a list of physicians approved to participate in Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program, some groups are claiming they can help patients now.

Why is Pa.’s medical marijuana program so secretive?
Sept. 13, 2017: PennLive, Mechanicsburg PA

Over and over again, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has promised a “commitment to transparency” as it set about creating a new industry to supply medical marijuana. But when it comes to the most important issues surrounding Pennsylvania’s entrance into the $6.7 billion nationwide industry, that commitment has clear limits.

Legal challenges threaten state’s medical marijuana program
Sept. 12, 2017: The Morning Call, Allentown PA

Mounting legal challenges are threatening to bog down the rollout of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program, leading to significant delays in treatment for patients as previously experienced in states such as Maryland and Florida, advocates fear.

Sparking a marijuana war: rival wants Pa. to drop grower under criminal investigation
Sept. 8, 2017:, Philadelphia PA;

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program took an ugly turn Friday as a Scranton-based company sought an injunction demanding that the state rescind a permit to grow and process cannabis awarded to a rival, Pennsylvania Medical Solutions.

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program is moving forward, but questions abound
Sept. 4, 2017; The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre PA

For Abbe Kruger, the day she sat bedside with her terminally ill mother was the day she started believing in medical marijuana. Abbe’s mother died of pancreatic cancer four years ago after enduring months of pain that Abbe said could have been alleviated by the drug.

Meet Pennsylvania’s unlikely ‘Pastor for Pot’
July 31, 2017; The York Daily Record, York PA (via WITF, Harrisburg PA)

What would they think? His congregation. His representatives. All those people in the town hall.

He didn’t look like a rebel. He didn’t look like a stoner, because he wasn’t one. (He still isn’t). He wore his white collar; he regularly does in public. He was just as baby-faced then as he is now, about three years later. He didn’t look like the “pastor for pot,” even though that’s what some have called him.

Pennsylvania seeks docs for marijuana program
July 28, 2017; The Mercury, Pottstown PA

Physicians in Pennsylvania can now register with the state to participate in the Medical Marijuana Program, which is expected to go live next year.

Will Pa.’s medical marijuana industry get mired in legal battles?
July 21, 2017; PennLive, Mechanicsburg PA

Pennsylvania’s nascent medical marijuana industry has entered a new phase, one that could be dominated by legal wrangling as investors challenge the state’s highly competitive, and secretive, permit process.

Marijuana extract gives ‘Hope’ to Royersford girl with seizures
July 17, 2017; The Times-Herald, Norristown PA

It’s 4 a.m. and you’re standing by helplessly while your six-week old is having seizures: it’s every parent’s nightmare. One girl’s mother found help on the Internet, where she read about a product made from marijuana called Charlotte’s Web. It’s named after another little girl suffering from severe epilepsy.

Medical cannabis grower with Pa. permit faces investigations in other states
July 13, 2017;, Philadelphia PA

One of the 12 winners of Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis growing and processing permits has had its license revoked in Maryland, some former employees face criminal charges in Minnesota, and it’s now being investigated by New York’s Department of Health for alleged violations of that state’s regulations.

University And Startup Partner To Offer Crash Course On Medical Marijuana For Health Workers
July 13, 2017; WESA-FM Radio, Pittsburgh PA

Some patients in Pennsylvania could be able to get prescriptions for medical marijuana early next year. For doctors, pharmacists and other health care providers who have questions about administering those substances, Thomas Jefferson University and a Philadelphia-based startup will hold classes for health professionals across the state.

  • Greenhouse Ventures, Lambert Center Set To Launch Statewide Medical Cannabis Education Tour
    July 11, 2017; Greenhouse Ventures, Philadelphia PA

    Greenhouse Ventures, an innovation accelerator for ancillary and medical-focused startups in the cannabis and industrial hemp industries, is partnering with The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp at Thomas Jefferson University to host a series of events across Pennsylvania to educate physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other interested healthcare professionals on Pennsylvania’s emerging medical cannabis industry.

Doctors needed for Pennsylvania medical marijuana program
July 8, 2017; The Morning Call, Allentown PA

Poor participation among physicians could make it difficult for patients to find a practitioner willing to recommend marijuana. And fewer patients could drive up the cost of the drug.

How will medical marijuana affect real estate? A Pa. lawyer explains
July 6, 2017; Daily Local News, West Chester PA

As medical marijuana growers and dispensaries gain state approval, the approaching medical marijuana wave in Pennsylvania will impact other businesses, as well, including the commercial real estate market, as growers and dispensaries rent or buy properties for their businesses.

PA Gearing Up For Automated Medical Marijuana Grows
July 6, 2017; WESA-FM Radio, Pittsburgh PA

Pennsylvania is barreling towards a high tech medical cannabis industry, driven by automation, aeroponics and a lot of start-up capital.

Pa.’s medical cannabis law legalized only the priciest treatments
July 6, 2017;, Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia is getting a few medical cannabis dispensaries some time next year, but there won’t be any cheap weed for sale. Pennsylvania has only legalized things like vape-pen cartridges, edible cannabis extracts and topical creams for registered patients. It’s known as a “no-smoke” law. There was no good reason to bar the seriously ill from using the plant with a pipe or rolling papers. That was all politics.

Why medical marijuana shops in Pa. won’t reek
July 4, 2017;, Philadelphia PA

In Pennsylvania, patients visiting a marijuana products dispensary won’t smell a thing. Cannabis storefronts in the Keystone State will be as antiseptically scented as a doctor’s office. That’s because smokable plant products — dried weed — won’t be for sale, and no marijuana will be grown on the premises.

List of PA Medical Marijuana Dispensary Locations Released
June 29, 2017; WGAL-TV, Lancaster PA

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program explained
March 16, 2017; PennLive, Mechanicsburg PA

On Porter Road, Those Bunkers Made History
Feb. 24, 2017; The Sanatoga Post, Sanatoga PA

A cavernous concrete bunker formerly owned by AT&T, which sits buried beneath mounds of earth on Porter Road, was publicly reintroduced Thursday (Feb. 23, 2017) as a possible site to house a medical marijuana growing and processing operation in Lower Pottsgrove. Although now choked by weeds and overgrown with brush, the property also holds a storied past as a monument of Cold War-era technology.

Township Offers Support For Marijuana Facility
Feb. 24, 2017; The Sanatoga Post, Sanatoga PA

Lower Pottsgrove commissioners agreed Thursday night (Feb. 23, 2017) to support a local applicant’s bid to locate a medical marijuana growing and processing facility inside an underground Cold War-era concrete bunker on the west side of Porter Road. Its representatives’ claimed the business would “be absolutely the best and most secure” project of its kind in Pennsylvania.

Township Receives Medical Pot Farm Request
Feb. 22, 2017; The Sanatoga Post, Sanatoga PA

Add Lower Pottsgrove to the list of places where medical marijuana entrepreneurs hope they are allowed to grow their legalized product for eventual sale in a variety of forms to those given state permission to buy it.

Marijuana Grower Looks At West Pottsgrove Site
Feb. 16, 2017; The Sanatoga Post, Sanatoga PA

West Pottsgrove has the potential to become a player in what portends to be a new wave of health care-related manufacturing in Pennsylvania: the production of marijuana-based products for medical use.

Pennsylvania Cannabis: Market Overview
Sept. 21, 2016; Presentation by MJ Freeway, featuring attorney William Roark of Hamburg Rubin Mullin Maxwell Lupin P.C.

PA Medical Marijuana Law Gets Second Chance
Dec. 11, 2014; The Sanatoga Post, Sanatoga PA

A bipartisan pair of state senators who this year pushed for Pennsylvania’s legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes announced their intent to re-introduce the same bill during 2015. It had been approved by the state Senate in September with a 43-7 vote, but didn’t receive a vote from the House of Representatives before its two-year legislative session closed Nov. 30.